Podcast: The American Serengeti

Brad Winn shares the experiences of his team as they continue with their work in the Arctic. It has been an eventful week, with the team encountering a wide range of Arctic inhabitants. From Blondie the grizzly bear, to the herds of caribou that surround the camp daily, it is clear why the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is referred to as the American Serengeti.

Podcast: Hope is a Thing with Feathers

Conservation Specialist Brad Winn shares his experiences after he and his team get a wintry start in the Arctic. Relentless winds created challenges for both the researchers and the birds. The first sunny days, however, brought a welcomed relief as well as shorebird and nest sightings. Brad expresses the team’s joy at the improving conditions with Emily Dickson’s poem, “Hope is a Thing with Feathers,” and reflects on the team’s Arctic encounters.

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