Leaving the Jago: Photos


A recently fledged American Golden-Plover is curious about the photographer. Soon this young plover will leave the dry tundra along the river bluffs and make one of the longest journeys of any shorebird, flying thousands of miles to the Argentine Pampas in South America. Photo by Heather Craig.


An Arctic fritillary in a field of wildflowers along the Jago River. Photo by Heather Craig.

Eddie and Vitek

Eddie Corp (left) and Vitek Jirinec (right) returning victorious from the hunt. Mushroom hunt that is. Nothing better than fresh sauteed wild puffballs, especially when one is starved for fresh food! Photo by Shiloh Schulte.


A blonde grizzly catches the scent of a caribou and calf. The bear jumped down the bluff, swam the river, and chased the caribou downstream for about a kilometer, crossing the river twice more. The caribou had a good head start and the bear eventually gave up, but it was impressive to see how fast they can move. Photos by Shiloh Schulte (left) and Eddie Corp (right).

midnight sun

Eddie Corp contemplates by a campfire backlit by the midnight sun. Photo by Shiloh Schulte.


Midnight rainbow over an abandoned freighter at the edge of the town of Kaktovik in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Photo by Shiloh Schulte.

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